Saying goodbye to my alma mater

 Me reflecting on the oval at Wagner College

Me reflecting on the oval at Wagner College

In a couple of weeks I make the official move to California, so I thought I'd take a pit stop to say goodbye to my alma mater Wagner College.  

Wagner College is a tiny liberal arts school on a hill on Staten Island. It's consistently voted the #1 Theatre school (which was my major) and the most beautiful campus (which you can clearly see in the photo above). Along with Theater, I studied Photography and Journalism, and I still utilize those skills today through my video work.  

More importantly though I learned the value of community, team-building and hard work. The friends I made at Wagner are still some of my best friends today.  

Being so close to Staten Island, I've visited campus frequently since my graduation to see the mainstage shows (which are incredible - if you can you should go see one!). It will be sad that I can't just jump on a ferry to say hi to Wagner, but like they say - you can take the boy out of Staten Island, but you can't take Staten Island out of the boy.   

And a nice little throwback photo for you guys: