Hi there, and thanks for visiting my website.  My name is Armand Valdes, and I am a storyteller at heart.  I want to create engaging content, and maybe make you laugh along the way.  

Originally from Florida, I have been making movies since I was a teenager. My first feature was filmed on a HI-8 camcorder and edited on a VCR. I'm happy to say I've advanced quite a bit since then.

With the rise of social video, a whole new world of possibilities have opened to people like me. Digital video platforms give me a chance to create and share with ease never seen before, and I am constantly looking for ways to explore this new frontier.


Armand Valdes is a video producer, writer, host, cat enthusiast and master emojifier.  During his time at Mashable, he has worked with many celebrities, both human and feline, such as Kevin Bacon, Bill Nye and Grumpy Cat.  Besides producing his Webby award-winning explainer series, Mashable Explains, he can be found creating editorial lifestyle, entertainment and science video content.